one of our many results BLK Videoproduktion Burgenlandkreis - A video report on the shooting of the feature film entitled The Girl with the Golden Hands with Corinna Harfouch in Zeitz.

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A video report on the shooting of the feature film entitled The Girl with the Golden Hands with Corinna Harfouch in Zeitz.

Video report on the shooting of the feature film The Girl with the Golden Hands with Corinna Harfouch in Zeitz.

A report on the shooting of the feature film entitled The Girl with the Golden Hands with Corinna Harfouch in Zeitz.

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Some scenes of the feature film The girl with the golden hands were shot in the town of Zeitz in the Burgenland district. Corinna Harfouch is one of the main actors. Reiner Eckel,, conducted an interview with Ingo Fliess, IFProductions. The film The Girl with the Golden Hands was shown in German cinemas from February 17, 2022.
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